White Flood Pre-Workout Review: A Closer Look

We think most fitness enthusiasts will agree with us in saying high quality supplements can be hard to find. When picking the right one, it can be hard to separate the big claims made in the advertisements with what it’s actually capable of offering. So, is the White Flood pre-workout worth the money?


From reading our review on choosing a great pre-workout, I’m sure you were curious to know what we thought of some popular pre-workout supplements on the market today.


Which made the White Flood pre-workout mix worth reviewing.


White Flood claims to improve mood, energy and the pump from a workout.


But does the pre-workout supplement live up to the claims that it makes?


In setting out to answer this, We made sure to check all the ingredients, and their dose per serving, against all the current and most up-to-date scientific research in the field to find if White Flood really is worth your money.


Product Review: Jack of All Trades But Master of None

When it comes to ingredients, White Flood ticks all the boxes.




In addition to this, some unconventional ingredients, like the added GABA amino acid which could help sleep, and, therefore, recovery, gives this supplement a potential edge over competitors.


It has also been shown to increase growth hormone and may help increase strength and muscle growth.


The same can be said for including L-Citrulline Malate, which has shown to increase the repetitions that can be done and decrease blood pressure during exercise .


However, in terms of amounts of each ingredient, White Flood falls short in some areas.


While caffeine and beta-alanine are provided in a sufficient dose per serving to give you an edge in recovery and a boost in energy and mood, ingredients like creatine is a little too small to have a significant anabolic effect, with a minimum of 5g needed.


The GABA dose may also too low to provide a boost in growth hormone, with studies that showed a beneficial effect using a 3 gram dose. The L-Citrulline Malate also used a minimum of an 8 gram dose in two studies in weightlifters from the Journal of Dietary Supplements and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.


However, combining taurine, caffeine and beta-alanine may help increase absorption of each ingredient and help compensate for the low doses provided.


Supplement Breakdown



White Flood Pre-Workout Formula


Controlled Labs

Who is the supplement for?

This supplement would be the most beneficial to intermediate weight-lifter, particularly lighter lifters, who are looking to step up their training intensity and increase recovery after strenuous sessions.


What We Liked:

What We Didn’t Like:

★     Betaine and caffeine for increased work.

★     GABA could help sleep and recovery.

★     Low caffeine dose to prevent side effects.

★     Beta-Alanine dose is enough to attain benefit without side effects.

★     Includes Taurine for increased energy.

❖     Creatine dose too small for muscle growth effect.

❖     Bigger individuals will need a higher dose to reap benefits.

❖     Citrulline Malate dose is smaller than the proven effective dose.

❖     GABA dose too small to increase growth hormone.



Verdict: 3/5

While the White Flood pre-workout does fulfil the essential criteria for providing you with a solid pre-workout supplement, this is definitely one of the more conservative pre-workouts when it comes to ingredient amount.


This is good for avoiding unpleasant side effects but may cause it to have a slightly underwhelming effect on your training.


This is especially true if you’re on the larger end in terms of size, an extra serving may be required which could end up being pretty costly in the long run, though this is helped by the lower cost of this pre-workout compared to brands with similar ingredients.


Customer Review Summary


Overall, most customers seemed happy with the White Flood pre-workout. The most common form of praise directed at the pre-workout was the the great taste, particularly with the bubblegum flavour, and improvement in energy and focus that the White Flood pre-workout provided.


Another important point to note is that White Flood doesn’t disguise it’s ingredients behind a ‘proprietary blend’, so customers know exactly what they’re buying and what they’re taking.


Tips & FAQs

  • How long before my workout should We take it for the best results?


Considering the high level of absorption you should expect, and the slightly lower than normal dose, it would be a good idea to leave this supplement as close to the workout as possible.


So, taking 1-2 scoops of White Flood anywhere from 15-30 minutes before your workout should provide you with the best response.


  • I’ve been taking White Flood for a while and the effects seem to be wearing off. What should We do?


You may need to increase your dose. Due to the lower amounts of caffeine, it won’t take long for your body to become accustomed to the dose.


So, cycling your intake, with a 1 week on, 1 week off cycle, or increasing your dose by a further scoop will help bring back the increased focus and vigor in your workout.


An extra scoop would also be useful for bigger gym-goers to achieve the same effect of smaller lifters. As a general rule, anyone over 90 kilograms in weight would probably benefit more from 2 scoops as a serving.


  • How does White Flood stack up against other pre-workout mixes in terms of price/value?


At a lower price than most leading brands, White Flood may offer a more cost-friendly supplement, particularly if you’re looking at other ingredients for your gym bag.


So, if you’re tight on money and are looking for a comprehensive pre-workout supplement, White Flood could be a good choice for your gym locker.

Final Verdict

Overall, while the doses provided by White Flood are less than ideal, perhaps requiring an extra scoop for most to feel the benefit, this pre-workout mix still provides a comprehensive pre-workout supplement with some unique ingredients that, if taken in large enough doses, may help further improve work capacity, recovery, reduce the negative side effects of caffeine and increase muscle growth through raising hormone levels.

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