Volt Pre-Workout Review: Is This the One for You?

We know that there are a ton of pre-workout supplements out there to chose from. So, how do you narrow it down? Well, you have to think about what you want out of your pre-workout. Also, you can read on to find out about Volt pre workout. We’re going to give you the ins and outs, ups and downs and make sure you can make an informed decision before you decide to take some home.

What’s It All About?

Volt pre workout is made by a company called Neon Sport. They manufacture pre workout and post workout recovery supplements.

Most pre workouts are meant to give you mass amounts of energy and stamina to complete long and tough workouts.

Some pre workouts are more focused on muscle building ingredients, while others are solely focused on increasing energy.

Volt boasts that it’s one of the most powerful pre workouts and that it contains high levels of Beta Alanine which has been shown to enhance performance and support muscular endurance.

Volt also states that it will “skyrocket focus and intensity” and increase energy levels so that you can “take on any workout, anytime, anywhere”.

Product Features



Volt pre workout contains some key ingredients to help with energy and endurance.¬† Here’s a few benefits below:

  • Agmatine Sulfate- This substance is derived from the essential amino acid L-Arginine. It is thought to be a neurotransmitter. Agmatine has been said to give people a “mental edge” and that it has a nootropic effect. Agmatine is also proven to boost nitric oxide production in the body.
  • Rhodiola- Is a natural herb that reduces the effects of It also elevates the capacity for exercise and aids in body fat reduction.
  • Olive Leaf Extract- This natural extract increase the production of nitric oxide which widens the blood vessels and increases blood flow to the working muscles. When blood flow is at an increase, much need nutrients can be delivered to aid in building muscle. It’s also known to regulate the blood sugar.


Not every product out there is going to be perfect and full of amazing reviews and ingredients. Let’s go over a few things you should know about what’s in a tub of Volt pre workout.

What We Liked

  • Cost effective.
  • Can be conveniently purchased online.
  • Very low calorie, low carb, and no sugars.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Contains a strong stimulant
  • Contains an artificial sweetener
  • Contains other artificial ingredients


Who Would Benefit From Taking This Supplement?

Pre workout supplements aren’t really for your average fitness enthusiasts. You won’t typically see a woman taking pre workout before her cardio class or a man who runs a few miles per day gulping down his pre workout beforehand. Who it is really for are people who are dedicated lifters or even those who do very intense workouts.

If you need that extra boost to get through a tough workout, then a pre workout supplement will give you the edge to push yourself to the limit.

Sometimes people may have a lack of energy and motivation all together, a pre workout can also help with getting you off the couch, out of the house, and to the gym, but it’s really meant to be taken before your workout to enhance things, not as an energy drink.


Everything Else You Need To Know

If you’re still up for buying Volt pre workout, you can get it directly from their website or through Amazon.

Each tub contains 36 servings and one serving equals 1 scoop of pre workout powder. You’ll need to mix it with about 3-4 ounces of water and take it prior to your workout. The directions state that you should never exceed 3 scoops in a 24 hour period.


Our Final Thoughts

If you are looking for that high energy boost to blast through your workout, well Volt has proven ingredients to do so. The main thing we can honestly say that we don’t like about it is the artificial portion of the ingredients list. Otherwise, go for it, give it a try, and see how it works for you.

Remember everybody reacts differently to certain pre workouts due to the ingredients so take caution as pre workouts are usually very potent in the caffeine department. We would suggest that you try it for yourself, you can get the product here, ¬†remember, if it’s not for you, simply send it back.



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