Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout: a Serious Stimulant for Experienced Athletes

The Mr. Hyde formula makes some pretty standard claims for a pre-workout mix, with touted benefits including an increase in mood and focus as well as improve the pump from your workout and recovery.


However, when we investigated the ingredients behind this supplement, we found a pre-workout that may act as an exception to its counterparts in its ability to deliver everything it claims and may even hold more benefits than it announces.


Below, we examine a pre-workout that offers a solid means of delivering that ‘Beast mode’ feeling to any experienced athletes’ supplement stack but may offer a little too much “kick” for more inexperienced exercisers or those unfamiliar with pre-workout supplementation.



Product Review: An Understated Supplement For Serious Lifters

As mentioned above, the Mr. Hyde not only has the potential to deliver on all of its down, but may offer a few unique benefits.

It’s claims of improving focus is substantiated through a very high caffeine content, with a whopping 419 milligrams per serving. It’s claim to improve pump is also well founded, with L-citrulline helping increase work capacity and improve cell swelling in the muscle.


The formula also contains a good dose of beta-alanine to help further improve work capacity and help absorb the creatine in the pre-workout.


The inclusion of yohimbe may also help improve fat loss when in an intense training cycle.


Along with this, the Mr. Hyde pre-workout can also serve as a good recovery shake, with a small dose of creatine and agmatine, which could help improve muscle soreness, along with Gabba-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), which may help sleep and even boost human growth hormone, helping subsequent recovery and possibly muscle growth.


This gives the pre-workout a comprehensive list of benefits as both a pre-workout and a standalone supplement.


However, as was also mentioned prior, the high level of caffeine and the added stimulants of yohimbe and hordenine mean that this pre-workout can be too intense for beginners and can cause side effects including anxiety and sleep disturbance.


So, if you’re a beginner, or someone who is just starting to take pre-workouts, you may want to start on a milder formula. But if you are experienced in pre-workout consumption and have found your benefits waning from your last few supplements, this might be the ideal mix for you.


Supplement Breakdown


Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout



Who is the supplement for?

This supplement best suits experienced lifters or athletes who have been using pre-workout formulas consistently or who are suffering from a plateau in progress, who could benefit from a stronger mix to help maximize their training.


What We Liked:

What We Didn’t Like:

★     High caffeine content and synergistic stimulants will give the mix a kick.

★     L-Citrulline, beta-alanine and yohimbe can help performance.

★     GABA and creatine can help recovery and agmatine may augment this.

★     GABA may help prevent a caffeine crash.



❖     Stimulant content too high for beginners.

❖     Niacin content adds no real value.

❖     No evidence for agmatine or hordenines efficacy.

As mentioned above, the Mr. Hyde pre-workout stands as one of the few supplements in the marketplace that may be understating its potential benefits for fitness enthusiasts.


While there are some improvements that could be made to the mix, such as the inclusion of betaine for further enhancing work capacity, it stands as a solid choice for any experienced practitioner.


What Goes Best with the Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout


MyProtein Whey Protein

NutriCost Betaine

BulkPowders Creatine

While the Mr. Hyde pre-workout carries all the ingredients necessary for stimulating mood and work rate, adding a dose of whey protein can help further improve recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis. Betaine is about the only ingredient that is missing from the Mr. Hyde pre-workout that could offer any further benefit in improving workout performance by enhancing work capacity and would be a good addition to before a particularly tough session. While the creatine in this pre-workout mix is sufficient to aid recovery and absorption of beta-alanine, adding another two grams per serving will help improve strength, power and muscle growth over the long-term and offers an easy way to get in more gains.



Tips & FAQs


  • How do I know if I’m ready for the level of stimulation in the Mr. Hyde pre-workout?


If you find you’re not feeling a “buzz” or that your workout isn’t receiving a boost after taking your pre-workout, despite your current pre-workout containing a sufficient dose (≥200 mg) of caffeine, then you may want to consider transitioning to the Mr. Hyde formula.


  • Is there more than one version of the Mr. Hyde pre-workout?


Some people may have noticed two Mr. Hyde pre-workouts on Amazon with slightly formulas. This is because the Mr. Hyde formula was recently updated to remove Pikatropin from it mix due to the allowance of the ingredient in some countries but not others.


  • Is the Mr. Hyde pre-workout safe to take for drug-tested athletes?


Some athletes may be concerned about taking in high caffeine supplements after the Martin Rodriguez case, where the tennis player suffered a $6,000 fine for having excessive levels of caffeine. However, caffeine has since been removed from the Word Anti-Doping Agency’s Banned Substance list.


But, for complete clarity of mind, always look out for the Informed Sport branded supplements which are batch tested to make sure there are no banned substances inside.


Final Verdict: 4/5 Stars

Ultimately, the Mr. Hyde pre-workout may not be a perfect pre-workout, with some unnecessary ingredients such as niacin or hordenine, or those that would be better suited for cardio workouts, such as choline bitartrate, it nonetheless can back up its claims and deliver some unique benefits that make this pre-workout worth serious consideration for lifters.


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