Dr. Jekyll Pre-Workout Review

The ProSupps company have been busy building a range of supplements that they have claimed specialize in a number of different health and fitness effects that can boost training performance, recovery and adaptation.


One of these supplements is the Dr. Jekyll pre-workout mix, which claims to specialise in delivering an unbeatable pump, boost focus and energy, improve recovery between exercise bouts and deliver “roadmap vascularity”.


These claims that are made are certainly one of the more diverse and wide-ranging claims even within the ProSupps pre-workouts.


However, these range of perks also mean that the Dr. Jekyll formula has a lot to live up to, and a lot of scrutiny it can come under.


So, we investigated the Dr. Jekyll mix to see if you should include this pre-workout in your gym bag to help build your vascularity, improve recovery and push through a tough workout.


Product Review: A Pumped Up Pre-workout with Some Solid Perks

Firstly, it should be mentioned that the Dr. Jekyll mix is listed on Amazon as an “intense energy pre-workout,” which is most certainly misleading considering it only contains 100 milligrams of caffeine.


However, this dose is sufficient to deliver a performance benefit in those unaccustomed to caffeine intake before a training session, particularly in caffeine-sensitive individuals.


A positive aspect of this small caffeine dose is also the lower potential for a post-workout crash.


Dose seems to really be the only problem with this pre-workout, with the creatine content also being enough to promote recovery, but may have been more beneficial to achieving a pump if a higher dose of around 5 grams was provided in a serving through increased water retention.


Also, boosting vascularity permanently in any substantial way is also beyond the capability of this formula, or any other, as it requires a very low body fat for a significant increase in a vascular appearance.


However, these issues are relatively minor and the Dr. Jekyll formula has a lot to love, with a good dose of both l-citrulline and beta-alanine, which will help boost work capacity.


In terms of promoting recovery, the formula also has the ingredients needed to deliver on its promise.


The inclusion of the amino acid leucine and HMB, or beta-hydroxy beta methylbutyric acid, both being shown to help decrease muscle protein breakdown and promote recovery from strenuous exercise along with the synergistic effect of creatine.


It also includes agmatine, which could be helpful in reducing soreness and pain caused by a tough workout, but there is very little research on this ingredient as of yet.


For increasing pump and vascularity, the Dr. Jekyll formula, along with encouraging a greater pump by allowing a greater work capacity, also contains the ingredient glycerol, which can help draw water into the muscle and enhance muscle size temporarily.


The addition of Gabba-aminobutyric acid (GABA) may also help enhance recovery by promoting growth hormone production and improving sleep quality. Though it’s use in preventing caffeine crashes would be of little use in a pre-workout like this, where the dose is low.


However, this will offer no performance or permanent benefit and joins the calcium and niacin in the group of superfluous additions to the pre-workout mix.

Supplement Breakdown


Dr. Jekyll Pre-Workout



Who is the supplement for?

This pump-inducing, low-stimulant pre-workout can offer a good introduction to this range of supplements. However, an extra scoop may be necessary for intermediates or those chasing a particularly intense training session.


What We Liked:

What We Didn’t Like:

★     Caffeine dose is sufficient to elicit a performance benefit and suits caffeine-sensitive lifters well.

★     L-citrulline and beta-alanine can improve work capacity.

★     Creatine, leucine and HMB can all help improve recovery.

★     The doses of most ingredients are sufficient for optimal benefit in most beginners and intermediates.



❖     Many unnecessary ingredients, like niacin and calcium.

❖     Creatine nitrate may not be as well absorbed in the body as creatine monohydrate.


Overall, while the Dr. Jekyll pre-workout formula contains some useless ingredients, it still has the makings of a good beginner pre-workout and can back-up the majority of its claims, allowing for an effective and diverse supplement.


What Goes Best with the Dr. Jekyll Pre-Workout

NutriCost Betaine BulkPowders Caffeine Tablets (200mg) XCellerate Omega-3 Fish Oil Tablets
Another way work capacity can be improved through nutrition is by including nutrients like betaine, which boost nitric oxide in the body. So, this would make an ideal addition to help the Dr. Jekyll mix deliver on its claim of improved workout performance.


If looking to add an extra kick to this pre-workout, particularly for intermediates or advanced lifters, then this addition is a great choice. By adding only one tablet to the mix, the Dr. Jekyll formula can suddenly become a real contender for a high stimulant pre-workout. But if you are sensitive to stimulants, then you may want to proceed cautiously or avoid adding this into the mix.


One other claim that the Dr. jekyll mix makes is that it helps promote recovery. By adding omega-3 fats to the pre-workout, which has been shown to improve recovery as well as increase muscle growth signalling, this can further boost this potential and make for a better overall supplement.


Tips & FAQs


  • How long before the workout should I take the supplement?


Because of the level of caffeine and the rapid-acting amino acid leucine, it’s our recommendation that the Dr. Jekyll mix should be taken no more than 5-10 minutes before training for the best results.


  • How many flavours are there and which flavour is the best?


The Dr. Jekyll formula comes in three flavours: Fruit punch, watermelon and cotton candy and all are fairly sweet and have a nice taste.


However, we found the watermelon flavour to be the nicest and mixed the best. But this could very well differ by experience.


  • Anything else that I should know?


With glycerol as an ingredient, more water will be drawn into, and retained in, the body. So, while this may improve hydration, thirst may increase during and shortly after the training session.


Final Verdict: 3/5 Stars

The Dr. Jekyll Pre-workout falls short on some of its claims and has its fair share of unnecessary additions to its formula. Nevertheless, there is still a good base of ingredients present which could make the mix a helpful supplement for newcomers and, with a few tweaks, or a larger dose, could be useful for all types of gym-goers.


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