Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout: A Tight Contest with a Close Win

Shopping for a pre-workout can be difficult enough without having to choose between two similar and equally praised supplements.

So, comparing each supplement against each other is an ideal way to find out which will better help you enter Beast Mode and complete a great workout.

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pre-workout mixes both meet the above criteria, with plenty of praise from its consumers and a strong set of ingredients as well.

However, we set out to investigate which of these two pre-workouts could offer you the best experience in the gym in order to help you save money and make a more informed and efficient choice and keep your focus on the gym and off the shopping list.

The claims made by each supplement are similar, with both claiming to improve focus and help promote pump and recovery.

However, where they differ is in their specialty, with the Dr. Jekyll promoting a greater amount of recovery with less stimulation and the Mr. Hyde pre-workout claiming to deliver a more intense focus and workout performance.

We took a look at how these supplements fared in both scientific literature and from previous buyers, comparing the two to find some interesting results.


Head to Head: Does the Dr.’s Formula Hold Up or Does It Get a Hyde-ing?

As mentioned above, both pre-workout formulas are solid choices in their own right, with both containing ingredients that will help deliver on their claims.

So, the real question becomes which can deliver on these claims more effectively or provide an overall superior pre-workout.

To answer this we began with a direct comparison between the ingredients of each pre-workout mix.


Tale of the Tape

Dr. Jekyll Pre-Workout Ingredients

Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout Ingredients

The Similarities

As we said, both contain a good base of ingredients for a pre-workout, with a good dose of both caffeine to help improve focus and mood, and beta-alanine and l-citrulline malate to help improve work capacity.

They also contain doses of the amino acid leucine, which has been shown to help promote muscle growth and spare muscle when cutting weight along with a small dose of creatine to help promote recovery.

Both of the formulas also provide these ingredients are also in effective doses, so one serving is all most will need to obtain the benefits of each pre-workout.

Each mix also contains an ingredient called agmatine, which could help improve mood and brain functioning, as well as relieve pain, however very little research exists on this so it is hard to say if this will have any effect on elements like muscle soreness or focus.

The Differences

The primary differences in the two supplements lay in the amount of certain ingredients, and the inclusion of supportive ingredients to aid the effect of the pre-workout.

In simple terms, one is designed for a more intense pre-workout effect, with the Mr. Hyde pre-workout combining an extremely high dose of caffeine, 419 milligrams in total, with potent stimulants like yohimbine and hordenine.

This will certainly improve focus and even workout performance, however, there is also a high risk for anxiety, as both excessive caffeine intake and yohimbine have been shown to have this side effect.

One other small difference is in the inclusion of glycerol in the Dr. Jekyll pre-workout, which could help improve ‘pump’ and hydration by drawing additional water into the muscle. It also could help improve work capacity by a small degree. However, this effect would be much smaller than that of l-citrulline malate or beta-alanine.

The HMB, or Beta-Hydroxymethylbutyrate, included in the Dr. Jekyll pre-workout,however, can, according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition help retain strength levels, prevent muscle damage and promote recovery, making the comparison between the two mixes a little tighter.


Supplement Breakdown


1.    Dr. Jekyll Intense Pump

2.    Mr. Hyde Intense Energy


Pro Supps

Who are the supplements for?

These pre-workouts best suit intermediate to advanced lifters looking to break through a plateau in training, or larger sized powerlifters or bodybuilders looking to fuel their workout and promote recovery.


Dr. Jekyll Intense Pump Pre-Workout  






Mr. Hyde Intense Energy


What We Liked What We Liked
●     Good foundation of ingredients.

●     Caffeine dose will provide benefit while minimizing side effects or crashing.

●     Leucine and HMB could preserve muscle during the workout.

●     HMB may promote recovery.

●     Glycerol can aid pump.

●     Large dose of caffeine will have a substantial impact in focus and performance.

●     Synergistic stimulants like yohimbine and hordenine will compound caffeine effects.

●     Leucine will help preserve muscle, particularly if cutting.

●     Yohimbine may aid fat loss.

What We Didn’t Like What We Didn’t Like
●     Caffeine dose may be insufficient for experienced or bigger lifters.

●     Glycerol will offer no performance benefit.

●     Caffeine and stimulants may cause anxiety.
The Verdict The Verdict
The Dr. Jekyll pre-workout offers a good formula for smaller athletes or intermediates trying to cut weight. The Mr. Hyde pre-workout may lean heavily on the stimulants, but it is an ideal formula for advanced athletes accustomed to caffeine or larger lifters.

Also, the all of leucine and creatine can aid recovery, and its strong basic ingredients can help improve performance.

Final Verdict: And The Winner Is…

Mr. Hyde Intense Energy


The Mr. Hyde formula certainly has drawbacks if you’re trying pre-workouts for the first time. However, this mix is definitely helpful for experienced athletes who love that ‘Beast Mode’ feeling, or who have hit a plateau in training.

It offers all of the comprehensive ingredients to help promote recovery, increase work capacity and promote muscle growth, making this a good choice for any serious lifter hitting the gym.


Tips & FAQs


  • Can I take both pre-workout formulas at once?

While taking both may seem like an easy means of achieving the best of both supplements, mixing both formulas will be detrimental to each formula, as most of the ingredients are given in optimal amounts in each pre-workout.

As such, adding more of each ingredient, particularly caffeine, will simply increase risk of side effects occurring with no additional benefit.


  • Can I use this as a recovery drink after a workout?

The inclusion of caffeine and the smaller dose of leucine than that found in whey protein shakes means that either formula would not work well as a post-workout recovery shake and is best served taken 15-20 minutes before your workout.


  • Can these supplements cause any other side effects?

Nearly all of the possible side effects in this formula stem from the stimulants in each formula, so anxiety and an increase in bowel movement are most common.

However, if you are prone to side effects from pre-workouts, or are highly sensitive to caffeine, then the Dr. Jekyll formula would be a more appropriate choice to start off with.


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